What is your Game Plan?

Firefighters preparing to enter a house fire.

Firefighters preparing to enter a house fire.

What is your Game Plan?  The scenario is posted below and comment in the comment box beneath the post.

You are the officer of the first due engine dispatched to a residential structure fire at 1300 hours.  The initial response is 3 Engines, 1 Ladder and 1 Battalion; each of the Engines are staffed with 3 and the ladder is staffed with 4.  Your second due engine is 5 minutes out.  Each engine carries 1000 gallons of water and has a 1500 GPM pump.  The hydrant is 500 feet away and will deliver 1000 GPM.  Here are the specific questions to answer in the comment section below:

#1) Will you lay in your own supply or does your department typically utilize the second due for this?

#2) What size/length attack line(s) will you stretch?

#3) What type of ventilation will you use, who will perform this function and when?

#4) Will you perform a Primary Search and if so who will perform this function?

#5) Do you see anything interesting about the construction of this structure?

Feel free to elaborate on the way you would attack this fire and any department SOP/SOGs that determine your tactics.

About Matt Hinkle

Matt Hinkle is a Staff Instructor at the Mississippi State Fire Academy. He has over twelve years of experience in the fire service and has served in many positions throughout his career including; Firefighter, Lieutenant, Captain, Training Officer and Instructor. He has designed local and state training curriculums, coordinated regional training events, and assisted in the development of national training programs. During his service Matt has received several awards including: Firefighter of the Year (Lafayette County Fire Department), Fire Officer of the Year Finalist (MS Burn Association), Medal of Valor (MS Burn Association), and a Letter of Commendation (City of Oxford). Matt has received over 2,000 hours of technical training in many disciplines including: NFPA 1001-I-II (Firefighter I-II), NFPA 1002 (Driver/Operator), NFPA 1041-I-II (Instructor), Hazardous Materials Technician I-II, Rope Rescue Technician I-II, Confined Space Rescue Technician, Trench Rescue Technician, Vehicle Extrication I-II, Search and Rescue Technician I-II-III, EMT-B, and Cave Rescue I-II.

3 thoughts on “What is your Game Plan?

  1. I’m going to start with #5.

    From the picture provided, I’m thinking this is a duplex that is facing south. The electrical meters will be on the west side of the structure and the gas as well. The reason I’m thinking duplex is as follows.
    1. The single car garage is doesn’t fit the size of the structure.
    2. If you use the down spot as a divider, the house has a mirror image.
    3. The archway to the left looks like an entry way and that may be a doorbell button on the wall.
    4. The intact picture window looks to have mini blinds that have not started to melt. If this was a single family residence the heat build up would surely melt the blinds.
    As far as the house facing south, this is a long shot. There appears to be a satellite dish bracket and some cable wires in the soffit to the right of the garage door. I believe that most dishes point either South or Southwest.

  2. Typically 2nd in engine lays supply, as for handline, we usually pull 1 3/4 but my experience has proved to me that pulling a 2 1/2 is a better option on this type of situation. I understand water is in small supply but ive seen a blitz attack with a 2 1/2 knock down heavier fire conditions with 500 gallons or less. Next is ventilation, this one is begging for vertical, thats going to the ladder truck. Primary search is depending on posssibility of victims, time of day and absence of parked cars in driveway tells me no one is home. As it stands 3rd engine is getting this job. If a high likelihood of victims exsists, 1st in engine is getting to work(lives then property). Exterior is stucco or plaster but it appears to be a duplex due to the fronts doors under the arches. All this is theoretical just looking at Alpha side.

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