NEW! Pump Operator Training Video Series

We are happy to introduce to you our new five part video training series for driver operators. Over the next several weeks we will be releasing these videos for you to refresh, host training sessions or even prepare for tests or promotions. Take a look at Part 1 below and then continue reading the article to see what other topics we will be covering.


Pump Pressure GaugesHere is the breakdown of the topics we will cover in our video series:

Part 1 – Understanding Pump Discharge Pressure and the Components within it.

Part 2 – Calculating Nozzle Flow.

Part 3 – Calculating Friction Loss

Part 4 – Calculating Elevation Gain/Loss and Appliance Pressure Losses

Part 5 – Summary

We have also put together a Pump Operator Training Resource Packet that will go along with this training video series. You can find this resource in the “Downloads” section of our website or by clicking here.

About Matt Hinkle

Matt Hinkle is a Staff Instructor at the Mississippi State Fire Academy. He has over twelve years of experience in the fire service and has served in many positions throughout his career including; Firefighter, Lieutenant, Captain, Training Officer and Instructor. He has designed local and state training curriculums, coordinated regional training events, and assisted in the development of national training programs. During his service Matt has received several awards including: Firefighter of the Year (Lafayette County Fire Department), Fire Officer of the Year Finalist (MS Burn Association), Medal of Valor (MS Burn Association), and a Letter of Commendation (City of Oxford). Matt has received over 2,000 hours of technical training in many disciplines including: NFPA 1001-I-II (Firefighter I-II), NFPA 1002 (Driver/Operator), NFPA 1041-I-II (Instructor), Hazardous Materials Technician I-II, Rope Rescue Technician I-II, Confined Space Rescue Technician, Trench Rescue Technician, Vehicle Extrication I-II, Search and Rescue Technician I-II-III, EMT-B, and Cave Rescue I-II.

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