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AWOGS FF Wedge System


The AWOGS FF Wedge™ is a very innovative firefighter door wedge designed and patented by firefighter Bill Selzer.  FF Wedge teamed up with AWOGS (A Way of Getting Seen) to create a highly visible firefighter wedge that glows in the dark. These wedges have been very well designed and I have been surprised at how well they actually work.  They are designed with step notches that really lock in when you insert them into a door jamb or underneath a door when you chock them.  The hollow “I-Beam” type design of the wedge also allows them to be very light.

The FF Wedge™ System includes (4) FF Wedges with a carabiner.  This enables you to attach the wedge system to equipment or PPE and pull a wedge as you need it.

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Product Description


The AWOGS FF Wedge is a collaboration between FF Wedge and AWOGS to produce a highly visible wedge system for firefighters. The FF Wedge™ System is designed and patented by firefighter William Selzer.  The FF Wedge™ has a interlocking notch design that can be placed in a variety of positions.  The unique interlocking design allows wedges to be placed in tandem vertically or horizontally. Available in Black with Yellow Reflective Decals and temporarily Yellow with Black Reflective Decals.

  • Material: 33% glass fiber reinforced polyamide 66 nylon resin
  • Wedge size: 5 ¼” long, 2” high and 1” wide
  • Wedge weight: 2 ¼ ounce
  • Tensile strength: 29,000 psi
  • Flexion strength: 39,900 psi
  • Melting temperature: 545 F
  • Lanyard: 3mm braided nylon
System comes with:
  • (1) Carabiner – 3” Aluminum – not intended for climbing
  • (4) Retention Clips – Stainless steel with a 6-8 pound pull release
  • (4) Wedges with with lanyards


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