Here are a few links to websites that we frequent.  Many of these websites provide training resources and news for firefighters.  A true student of the fire service should be reading something about this job everyday.  Thank you to all of the following websites for contributing to our world and providing us information to make us better.

Firefighter News:

The Fire Critic

Statter 911

Training Resources and Blogs:

Fire by Trade

Fire Training Toolbox

Fully Involved – Mark VonAppen

Views From The Jumpseat – Ryan Pennington

Fire Service Warrior

Irons and Ladders

Vent Enter Search

First Due Tackle

Model City Firefighter

Tactical Advantage Training

Tailboard Training

Health and Wellness:

555 Firefighter Fitness, Inc.



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  1. Hello Mr. Hinkle,
    My name is Gilbert Saiz and am preparing for my driver operator test on 10/20/15 and have watched all of these videos. They are very helpful and very good step by step lessons. I have a quick question for you, is there any website that you have for calculation question that I can try? Something that lets me take pdp, np, or fl question and do my calculations and then see how well I did at very end. Thanks so much for your videos. Let me know if there is such a thing for exam prep pump questions. Thank you

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