Generation Why? – Part 2

In the last article, we discussed the often maligned generation Y(generation why?). The act of questioning methods and processes can actually advance our cause in technical rescue. This can be achieved with questioning, critical thinking, and constructive debate. In Part 2 we will explore some “why’s?” that may close capability gaps or even get people’s…

About Russell McCullar

Russell is a Senior Instructor with the Mississippi State Fire Academy. His responsibilities include the management of NFPA 1006 Rescue Programs. Russell is a Rescue Specialist and Technical Search Specialist with the FEMA US&R System. His firefighting and rescue career began with the Lafayette County Fire Department in Oxford, MS, as a volunteer firefighter, where he ascended to the rank of Station Captain. As a career firefighter with the Batesville Fire Department, he rose to the rank of Station Lieutenant before his departure in 2010. In 2009, he earned his Masters Degree in Homeland Security at the University of Mississippi where he also received a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management in 2005. Over a fourteen-year career, he maintains certificate training in excess of 3000 hours and over 2000 hours of instruction in technical rescue. Russell spends his time instructing other rescuers from Mississippi and around the country. He resides in Brandon, Mississippi with his wife, Sydney.